Editor’s Note: Announcement of Best Places to Work: Law Firms

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Editor’s Note: Announcement of Best Places to Work: Law Firms

On behalf of our sister company, Best Companies Group, we are thrilled to announce that registration for the Best Place to Work in Law Firms is now open. This recognition program is for any law firm nationwide with a minimum of 10 employees. If your firm participates and is deemed a best place to work, you will be able to receive a badge of recognition to use in your future marketing, along with bragging rights.

Participating in the Best Places to Work program can offer numerous benefits for law firms. First, it can help attract and retain top talent, as being recognized as a top employer in the legal industry can increase your firm’s appeal to potential employees. Top performers are 30% more likely to apply to companies with such recognition, and 14% more likely to stay with them.  So, not only does this help you win the talent war in your city, region or state, but it can also cut recruiting costs.

In addition, participating in this program can also help in obtaining more business, including more referral business. When potential clients are looking to work with law firms, they often consider factors such as reputation, expertise, and firm culture. Being recognized as a top employer can improve your firm’s reputation, give you stronger brand equity, and ultimately, increase the number of companies and other firms wanting to work with you.

Finally, law firms that prioritize a positive and inclusive workplace culture are more likely to attract a diverse range of talent, including individuals with different backgrounds and perspectives. In fact, 90% of diverse lawyers said that a law firm’s commitment to diversity and inclusion was an important factor in their decision to accept a job offer.  This can lead to a more well-rounded and innovative team, which may be better equipped to handle complex legal issues. Firms with more diverse attorneys are more likely to be successful in winning new business from clients.  This can also reflect positively on your firm’s reputation and help attract a diverse range of clients.

It’s clear: participating in the Best Places to Work: Law Firms program can bring numerous benefits for law firms, including attracting and retaining top talent, obtaining more business, and promoting fair and inclusive business practices.  However, there are several companies out there that can offer such recognition programs. While any program is worth considering, we endorse our sister company, Best Companies Group, and here’s why:

Best Companies Group (BCG) is the undisputed leader in helping companies assess, enhance and promote company work environments and cultures. More specifically:

  • Authority & scientific foundation: We have a 20-year track record of administering effective custom surveys and partnerships with the world’s top media brands/companies.
  • Our staff is made up of experts with human resources and research experience so they can understand what is important to your audience.
  • Easy-to-use for varying business types: Software usability effective for distributed models in 40+ languages.
  • Trustworthy data and insights: We have a massive content and database library to use as competitive benchmarks to help you understand how you are faring.
  • Over 10,000 companies from the U.S. and worldwide participate in BCG programs every year, so there is no denying that their recognition is credible.


To learn more about the Best Places to Work: Law Firms program, please visit: https://bestcompaniesgroup.com/best-law-firms-to-work-for/program-registration/


* Sources: American Bar Association, Minority Corporate Counsel Association

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