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The Business of Law Digest provides insightful and useful information on how to best manage your law firm, with an emphasis on technology, management, HR, employment and marketing issues.

Business of Law Digest is a part of BridgeTower Media. We own 13 legal brands, each serving as the #1 source of industry information for law firms in their respective markets. Our trusted relationships have allowed us to connect with leaders in law firms wherever they spend their time online including on the web, in email, in print, and on social. This connectedness has given us deep insight into what works best when it comes to managing a law firm.

About BridgeTower Media:

BridgeTower Media is one of the country’s leading business-to-business media companies with 44 print and digital publications in more than 20 U.S. markets. Each of our publications serve as the #1 source of authoritative and unique content in their respective industry. Because of our trusted relationships with our audience, we can use first-party data and insights to gain deep understanding of industry decision makers and use this information to (1) provide them with the most authoritative information possible, and (2) provide connections to ignite business growth.

Selected list of legal brands:

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