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Business of Law Digest provides a broad range of insightful and useful information to help lawyers better manage their law firms, with an emphasis on technology, management, HR, employment and marketing issues. Business of Law Digest is a part of BridgeTower Media. We own 13 legal brands, each serving as the #1 source of industry information for law firms in their respective markets. Our trusted relationships have allowed us to connect with leaders in law firms wherever they spend their time online including on the web, in email, in print, and on social. This connectedness has given us deep insight into what works best when it comes to managing a law firm.

Why advertise with Business of Law Digest?

  1. Our brands serve as the #1 for authoritative content on their respective market.
    Whenever leaders in the legal industry seek news and insights about the industry, court filings and rulings, settlement reports, notices, and more– they turn to our brands for answers. Our website, audience platform, social media pages, emails, webinars, and live events are all an opportunity to engage with sophisticated decision makers across the industry.
  2. Business of Law Digest’s Best Audience
    Our audience includes attorneys in high influence firms across all markets.  It’s the ideal target audience for legal service providers and other attorneys that are focused on driving faster growth.
  3. We have trusted relationships with our audience and deep insights into who they are and what they care about. Our direct relationships with leaders in the legal industry provides first-party data to ensure your message is delivered to the right audience in an efficient and ethical way.
  4. We can reach decision makers in law firms everywhere they spend their time Our decision-maker audience is actively engaged with us throughout the course of their day– whether it’s catching up on what’s new in industry news in the morning with our email newsletters, engaging with us on social media, browsing our website, or attending an event, we are connected with attorneys throughout the entire day via email, web, social, print and events. Our marketing experts will tailor your advertising plan to get your audience right, your message right, your placement right, and your timing right through the following solutions:
  • Digital Display Ads
  • Print Advertising
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Email Campaigns
  • Sponsored Content
  • Paid Search
  • Webinars/Custom events
  • SEO
  • Event Sponsorships

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