Digital Marketing: Attorney bios can boost a firm’s social media presence

Digital Marketing: Attorney bios can boost a firm’s social media presence

By Kevin Vermuelen

Law firms seeking to improve their social media presence might want to turn their attention to one area that’s all-to-easily overlooked: the bio pages associated with their attorneys’ personal social media accounts.

When it comes to their own accounts on LinkedIn and other profiles, many attorneys give little thought to their bio pages. They’re often completed in haste and rarely updated to reflect the full scope of a lawyer’s expertise and accomplishments.

Unfortunately, that’s a big mistake, especially for any attorney or law firm looking to leverage social media to drive business development.

The fact is, bio pages often receive more views than any other social media content – firm-specific or otherwise – an attorney might share with their network. A bio is also one of the most important pieces of content a legal consumer is likely to review when deciding whether a particular attorney is worthy of their trust and has the expertise to meet their needs.

In many cases, the bio page offers a lawyer the best chance to make a good impression with potential clients in a way that inspires them to finally connect with the firm.

Crafting an attention-worthy bio

So what makes for an effective and engaging social media bio page?

Below are some tips to guide attorneys as the craft attention-worthy bios capable of bringing more clients to their practice:

Keep it brief: The bio pages provided by LinkedIn and other social media platforms typically offer just enough space for a few sentences or a short paragraph, so attorneys must make the most of that limited capacity.

The best bios get right to the point and immediately let viewers know the attorney has something of value to offer. Just as the headlines of articles and blogs are designed to grab a reader’s attention and pull them in, an attorney’s bio should do the same.

Show, don’t tell:  When someone looks over an attorney’s social media bio, they’re usually more interested in how that lawyer can help solve their problems. That means attorneys should strive to show clients who they are professionally instead of merely telling them.

The best bios highlight a lawyer’s significant accomplishments, professional and educational background, and other attributes that demonstrate expertise in their practice areas. It’s also crucial for attorneys to employ a tone that doesn’t come off as bragging and instead reads as matter-of-fact and professional.

Don’t rush, and aim for originality: While social media bios are short out of necessity, that doesn’t mean they should ever be written in a rush. Attorneys must take their time and think carefully about what to communicate to their audience, focusing on accomplishments and attributes that will allow them to earn a prospective client’s trust.

Originality is also crucial. Too many attorney bios are bland and impersonal or rely on overused buzzwords such as “creative,” “innovative,” “dedicated,” and “devoted.” A well-written social media bio should help an attorney stand apart from their competitors, perhaps by explaining their reasons for focusing on specific practice areas and why they find their work important and meaningful.

Approachability: Social media is all about being social. Because an attorney’s bio should project an air of friendliness, it’s best written in the first person (using words like “I” or “me”). And while the lawyer’s expertise and accomplishments should take center stage, it’s a good idea to show a little personality by mentioning interests outside of work, including community involvement, hobbies, or family life.

Incorporate the right keywords: When it comes to SEO, social media profiles have an excellent chance of ranking well for many different keywords and phrases.

A well-written attorney bio that focuses on major accomplishments, mentions notable past cases, and clearly outlines the lawyer’s area of expertise will be naturally rich in the keywords prospective clients might query as they research legal services.

At the same time, keyword stuffing should be avoided. A social media bio should flow naturally and not read as though it was produced by artificial intelligence.

Make It easy for prospects to take the next step: Potential clients who happen upon an attorney’s social media bio should be able to ascertain the best and the most convenient way to connect with the lawyer and their firm.

A prominently displayed phone number and email address are non-negotiable. Attorneys might also consider including a lead-gen form or a link to their firm’s contact page..

Update regularly: An attorney’s social media bio must always be current and relevant.

At least once each quarter, lawyers should revisit their bio pages on all major platforms – LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook – to ensure the content thoroughly and accurately reflects their accomplishments and expertise, making updates as appropriate.

Social media bio pages offer attorneys an ideal platform for communicating their expertise and earning the trust of prospective clients. But they need to be composed with care, allowing the reader to come away with a clear picture of who the lawyer is and what they have to offer.

By giving their bios the attention they require, attorneys will help their firms boost their overall social media presence and ultimately bring more clients to their practice.

Kevin J. Vermeulen is a partner in Good2BSocial LLC, a digital marketing agency that focuses on law firms and companies in the legal industry. He can be reached at [email protected]

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