Content Marketing: Leveraging evergreen vs. timely content for marketing success

Content Marketing: Leveraging evergreen vs. timely content for marketing success

By Edith Reinhardt

One of the most effective strategies for law firms looking to attract and retain clients is to provide helpful content that builds credibility and highlights expertise. That content generally falls into two categories – evergreen and timely content. Understanding the distinction between them is crucial for creating an effective marketing strategy. Both types of content offer unique benefits and play distinct roles in engaging with clients and prospects. Which one is best depends on what the firm’s target audience is interested in and the firm’s goals and resources.

Evergreen content

Evergreen content is information that doesn’t go out of date for a long time. Examples include answering frequently asked questions, explaining legal concepts and processes, and offering practical advice on common problems. Such content stays interesting, relevant, and valuable long after it was created. As such, it enables firms to reach a wide group of readers and establish themselves as authorities.

High-quality evergreen content also can significantly improve the organic search ranking of the firm’s website. This can drive more website traffic and potential client leads for years.

In addition, it is easy to repurpose evergreen content for multiple uses. An in-depth article can be revised into social media posts, videos, blog posts, podcast episodes, or a downloadable eBook. Each one of these can be promoted over and over again. Every time the content is repackaged and repromoted, more people have the opportunity to see it, giving the firm and the author more exposure. It’s this long lifespan, that gives evergreen content a better return on investment than other types of marketing.

Timely content

Timely content, also known as newsjacking or trending content, refers to information that capitalizes on recent events, news, or developments. By providing insights on current topics of interest, attorneys can position themselves as knowledgeable authorities in their field and attract clients seeking immediate assistance.

Sharing timely content can get firms significant attention and visibility in the short term, especially on social media. Trending topics often get more social media impressions and engagement, which can result in leads and/or help establish the attorney as a go-to resource for the latest information. Such content also allows firms to differentiate themselves from competitors by showing they are ahead of the curve and among the first to offer valuable advice on current legal developments.

Importantly, law firms must provide practical analysis and commentary, not merely a regurgitation of the news. The news media will always beat law firms when it comes to reporting on new developments. However, law firms have the unique expertise to explain to clients/prospects how those developments impact them and what steps they should take in response.

Finding the right balance

Ideally, firms should create and promote both types of content. However, one may take precedence over the other, depending on several factors including:

  1. Law firm goals: Is the firm’s priority long-term visibility, building credibility, or attracting

immediate attention?

  1. Audience needs: Are the firm’s clients/prospects mostly seeking information on evergreen

topics or updates on current events? The best way to know is to test different types of content

as well as look at what other firms are doing.

  1. Resources: Does the firm have the capacity to produce appropriate content? Evergreen content requires time for research, writing, and periodic updates to ensure that the information remains relevant. Timely content demands that attorneys keep up with new developments and create related content quickly, so the firm maintains the advantage it wants.

Both evergreen and timely content are invaluable to a law firm’s marketing. However, firms must think strategically if they want to find the right balance that helps them achieve success.

Edith Reinhardt, Esq. is principal of RDT Content Marketing, which specializes in helping attorneys showcase their expertise and target their marketing to attract more clients. She can be reached at [email protected]

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